5 Home Exercises to Burn Fat

Have you been searching the web for home exercises to burn fat? Well look no further as we give some tips and recommendations below on exercises that can help you burn fat. These 5 exercises are very simple and can easily be done at home which can be very useful if you don’t have much time to go to the gym or are shy and self conscious about exercising at the gym.

Push Ups

Home Exercises for Burning FatIt doesn’t get more old school than a good old fashioned push up! ¬†However there aren’t many home exercises that are as effective as push-ups. ¬†They are fantastic for helping to tone and burn away unwanted fat.

Push ups are not especially easy exercises to do however with time you should be able to build up to doing more and more. Why not keep a track of how many you can do each time and see the progress you are making!





Home Exercises to Burn Fat

Squats are a great example of home exercises to burn fat. They are very simple but very effective for toning and burning fat from your legs. Similar to push ups they are not the easiest exercise to do so if you are not used to doing them start of small and work your way up to doing more!





High Knees


Home Exercises to Burn Fat

This one is really as simple as it sounds! Simply stand with your feet shoulder width apart, maintain that position and raise one of your knees as high as you can. Alternate between knees and try and do this for at least 1 minute. To get the most out of this exercise try and alternate as quickly as you can whilst maintaining your balance.

A very simple exercise but an excellent cardio exercise for burning away fat and developing some strength in your legs.





Jumping Jacks AKA Star Jumps


Home Exercises to Burn Fat

Jumping Jacks or Star Jumps may be something you remember doing from your PE lessons at school but it turns out they are a fantastic cardio exercise for helping to shed unwanted fat. We recommend doing them at the quickest pace you can to ensure you are getting a good level of intensity which will make them even more effective.

Simply stand with with your arms by your side then jump, while jumping raise your arms up as high as you can. A very simple exercise but if done at a good intensity it can be very effective.



Walking Lunges


Home Exercises to Burn Fat

Another fantastic exercise you can do very easily at home is walking lunges. A great exercise for toning your legs and helping them build some strength and muscle.

Simply stand with your hands on your hips and your legs shoulder width apart. Step forward with one of your legs and flex your knees to drop your hips. Keep going until your rear knee nearly touches the ground. Keep your posture upright at all times during the exercise and when steeping forward your front knee should always be in front of your foot.




We hope you find these home exercise to burn fat useful, they are very simple exercises that can be done at home with little or no equipment so what are you waiting for?!