7 Ways To Lose Weight Without Going To The Gym

For many people who set out to shed some pounds going to the gym is either too difficult to fit into their busy day to day routine or too expensive to justify membership fees just to shed some weight and some are just not interested in becoming a gym member and want to shed some weight another way.

There are many ways to lose weight without going to the gym and we have listed some of these ideas below:

  1. Change your way of travelling to work – You could either try walking or cycling into work if this is within a reasonable distance or you could even try walking part of your journey to work i.e walking to the train station rather than taking a bus or driving.
  2. Spend 20-30 minutes walking on your lunch hour – Not only is this a good way of getting some exercise into your daily routine, it also is healthier to take a lunch break away from your desk (if you work in an office) so your mind can take a break from focusing on a screen.
  3. Use stairs instead of lifts at work – This sounds like something small however small changes can make a big difference long term.
  4. Go for a run – Again this is something that is so simple to incorporate into your daily routine, a morning or after work run can do you a world of good and it can be a great way of measuring your progress with fitness as you can set new goals on a weekly or monthly basis.
  5. Make a home workout – Often you will be surprised at how much you can do at home with just some basic equipment and there are also exercises that require no equipment. YouTube is very useful for finding some excellent home workouts.
  6. Dance to some music at home – It is a really fun thing to do and won’t feel like a chore like some exercises. Dancing is actually a fantastic form of exercise and bopping to your favorite tunes is something you can easily do at home (probably for the best if your moves leave much to be desired).
  7. Walk instead of driving – A very simple thing to do especially with places that are within a reasonable distance i.e the local shops. Walking is a great way of getting some exercise in your day to day home life. You could go for a walk with a partner or friend and it can be a great way of spending time with someone whilst doing some exercise.

We hope the suggestions above have given you some ideas on how you could do exercise without going to the gym. A gym membership isn’t for everyone and these ideas above could be a much more appealing way to incorporating some consistent exercise in your day to day life.