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Capsiplex SportFollowing the huge success of capsiplex fat burner, they have now launched a new product for 2015 known as Capsiplex Sport. Find out more below about Capsiplex Sport which is one of the most exciting additions to the weight loss market.

In summary Capsiplex Sport is a fat burning, sports nutritional supplement. It is aimed at males and females of all fitness levels from occasional gym goers to professional sports persons. It differs from the Original Capsiplex product in that it is aimed more towards those are currently have an exercise regime or those who are looking to start one.

Capsiplex can benefit your fitness plan be helping you train harder and for longer, it contains the added ingredients l-arginine and vitamin b3 which is essential for muscle recovery and to provide you with the energy boost you need to really get the most out of your fitness plan.

If you are not looking to incorporate your weight loss into a fitness plan then the original Capsiplex fat binder may be more suited towards your needs, however if you are a sporty person or someone whom would like a weight loss product that can help you extract as much as possible from your fitness workout then Capsiplex Sport could well be the product you are looking for.

Despite the product being relatively new Capsiplex have slapped a 60 day money back guarantee on their product which shows the degree of confidence they have that this product will be every much a success as the original Capsiplex fat burner. There have already been some very positive testimonials from customers who have began using the product and you can find a video testimonial below.

Capsiplex Sport

Top 3 benefits of Capsiplex Sport


  • Made from 100% natural ingredients
  • Burn up to 278 more calories per exercise session
  • Feel more energy and focus

The main ingredient within Capsiplex Sport is the same as Capsiplex – Capsicum. So what are the benefits of Capsicum?

Firstly Capsicum has antioxidant properties that can help your body in prevent damage to cells and tissues, another benefit is that when taking capsicum you will feel yourself losing weight and the results in your weight loss will be clear for you to see when you step on the scales. Capsicum can also boost your energy levels and prevent you suffering from tiredness, Capsicum also helps heart health and gives your immune system a boost. Lastly Capsicum has been known to boost metabolism which is one of the key factors in losing weight fast.

Features of Capsiplex Sport


  • 100% pure red pepper pre-workout supplement and slimming pill.
  • Maximum potency, the MOST potent Capsicum – in tablet form!
  • Best Capsicum extract out there
  • Genuine certificates backing up the product’s claims, be wary of products that are not backed up by medical certificates.
  • Maximum strength formulation, easy to swallow
  • New packaging designed towards the sport market in a ‘baton’ shape type container.

Check out this testimonial below from a customer who is using Capsiplex Sport


Capsiplex Sport is a really exciting new product to hit the weight loss market and being a part of the Capsiplex brand you rest assured you are getting a product that is effective, transparent but above all safe. Some things to look out for from other products are:

  • Free trials, often they are not free and can be difficult to cancel
  • How much capsicum per serving is used?
  • Ensure there are genuine certificates backing up the product’s purity
  • Is there a REAL customer support team available in case of any issues? Capisplex have a UK based customer support team on hand to answer any queries
  • Beware of cheaper products, Capisplex Sport is a quality product made with expensive ingredients. While other products may be cheaper you cannot be sure as to what you are actually getting.

Capsiplex Sport Savings

  • Save £10 on 1 month’s supply (now £29.99)
  • Save £40 on 3 months’ supply (now £79.90
  • Save £119.85 on 6 months’ supply (now £119.85) – half price

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