Difference Between Capsiplex and Capsiplex Sport

Capsiplex Sport

In early 2015 following on from the huge success of their fat burner Capsiplex, Advanced Health who are based in Scotland launched the weight loss supplement Capsiplex Sport. Both products are fairly similar however and you may be wondering which product will be best for you and whether there is a difference between Capsiplex and…

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The Dangers of Unregulated Weight Loss Supplements

Unregulated Diet Pills Danger

An ever present issue within the weight loss market is the unregulated products that enter the market and are fairy easy to purchase. It is an issue that this year has seen an increase in cases of illnesses and even deaths. Unregulated weight loss supplements can contain chemicals which are not safe for human consumption,…

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Phentermine VS Phen375 & PhenQ

Phentermine 375mg

Phentermine diet pills may have been something you have come across when looking for or buying weight loss supplements. However many are left unsure at what exactly Phentermine diet pills actually are and what the differences are between these and the non prescription alternatives such as Phen375 and PhenQ Introduction to Phentermine   Phentermine 37.5mg…

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PhenQ – Why We Are So Excited For This Supplement

PhenQ Weight Loss Supplement

New weight loss supplements hit the market constantly, the weight loss market is an ever evolving one where new products with bold claims are a normality which makes it hard to determine whether a new product really can provide something that others haven’t been able to. Recently PhenQ hit the markets and we have to…

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