Difference Between Capsiplex and Capsiplex Sport

In early 2015 following on from the huge success of their fat burner Capsiplex, Advanced Health who are based in Scotland launched the weight loss supplement Capsiplex Sport. Both products are fairly similar however and you may be wondering which product will be best for you and whether there is a difference between Capsiplex and Capsiplex Sport.

Capsiplex Sport


Capsiplex Fat Burner





We feature detailed overviews of the two products on the site however we felt it may be worthwhile clarifying the main differences. Capsiplex Sport has been designed to be a pre-workout weight loss supplement which will allow you to burn more calories during your workout where as Capsiplex Fat Burner can be used as part of your diet rather than before a workout.

Capsiplex Fat Burner is the original Capsiplex product which has built a tremendous reputation for being one of the most effective fat burners out there. It has been featured in a number of media including magazines and newspapers. Capsiplex Fat Burner has also received the backing of well known TV personalities including Lauren Goodger.

Capsiplex SportBased on the success of Capsiplex Fat Burner, Advanced Helath launched a new product called ‘Capsiplex Sport’. The main difference between Capsiplex Fat Burner and Capsiplex Sport is that Capsiplex Sport is a product that has been designed to allow users to get maximum results from their exercise regime. This is clear just from the design of the Capsiplex Sport packaging. It is a small and compact tube which is designed to make it easy for those going to the gym or doing an exercise routine to bring Capsiplex Sport with them to take as pre-workout supplement.

Which Product Should You Buy?


Firstly it is worth pointing out that both Capsiplex Fat Burner and Capsiplex Sport are very good weight loss supplements with many customer testimonials to back that up. However if you are looking to buy one of the two then it would depend on your lifestyle, exercise regime, and how you plan on losing weight.

If you currently have a strong exercise regime or are looking to start one to tackle your weight loss then we would recommend Capsiplex Sport simply because it is essentialy a pre-workout supplement that will enhance your energy levels to ensure you are getting the most out of your workout. If however you are focusing more on changing your diet and don’t have the time to implement a full exercise regime then we would recommend Capsiplex Fat Burner.

We feel the key difference between Capsiplex and Capsiplex Sport is something which we have discussed above and that is that Capsiplex Sport was made to enhance results from a workout where as the original Capsiplex Fat Burner was designed to be a primarily a fat burning product.