Effective Weight Loss

Effective Weight Loss Solutions

Finding an effective weight loss plan that truly works for you can be a tall order. Crash diets do not work. You shed the weight but then you put it back on just as quickly as it arrived and you will probably end up bigger than you were before.  There is no real instant fix and you will have to put some effort in to lose weight, you need to have the dedication and the willpower to make any weight loss program work but it helps to know that there are some fairly simple, yet effective solutions that you can put into action to make your weight loss journey that bit easier.

Keep a food diary.

It helps to keep a record of what you eat throughout each day. This way you can pinpoint your eating habits and exactly what you are eating and how much of it you are consuming.  This will be helpful in determining what could be contributing to your weight gain. You can keep track of your calorie intake this way and see if you are consuming too much, which makes it easier to come up with a plan to lower you calorie intake and to eat more healthily.

Look after your body and mind.

If you are very stressed or unhappy you are more likely to comfort eat and binge on the wrong sort of foods which will inevitably lead to you gaining weight. Stress increases cortisol, which is a chemical in the body that leads to an increase in fat. Instead, talk to a friend, write down how you’re feeling, have a good cry, dealing with what is making you unhappy will be far beneficial to you in the long run rather than turning to food for comfort. Another good way to relieve stress is to take some kind of physical exercise, yoga is an excellent way of de-stressing the whole body and it is very calming.

Change what you drink!

Cutting out the amount of sugary drinks you consume will drastically decrease your daily calorie intake. If you are known to have an alcoholic drink or two at lunch time or a few after work – stop, many alcoholic drinks are packed full of sugar and beer not only bloats you, it can be fattening. Other sugary beverages such as Coca Cola is just as bad for your teeth due to the high sugar content and the caffeine in these sorts of drinks will leave you feeling jittery. Try and drink where possible, flavoured waters, unsweetened fruit juices, if you must have tea or coffee, leave the sugar out and if you can bear the taste, no milk.

Don’t be too strict

Being on a diet does not mean you have to starve yourself. If you do find that you slip up from time to time, that’s fine. It is unrealistic to expect yourself to not give into temptation every now and again. Everything in moderation is completely acceptable.  Do not have unrealistic expectations; do not be disheartened if you haven’t lost 10lbs in a week. Realise that these things take time and that to lose weight effectively and keep it off, it is far better to lose weight slowly and steadily.

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