Fat Burners vs Fat Binders – What’s The Difference?

Fat Burners & Fat Binders are both types of weight loss supplements however you can often be left confused on how the two actually differ and which one will be the best for you to use.

Fat Burners are essentially supplements that have been designed to increase the speed of your metabolism and allow you to burn fat from the foods you eat faster, thus allowing you to lose weight quickly. Fat burners also are designed to give your energy a boost which means you feel less lethargic throughout the day. Fat burners are in some ways one of the more aggressive type of weight loss supplements out there, designed for those who want a product that will help them lose weight quickly and have already tried a number of other products.

Fat Binders work in a different way, they are supplements which bind non soluble fibers when you eat which in turn then means the body cant absorb the fat. Those who opt for fat binders tend to make less changes to their diet, they can maintain a balanced diet eating the same foods however the fat binder can help them absorb less fat than normal, up to 30% less.

There are pros and cons of using both, fat burners often contain stimulants which can be dangerous for a minority of people. Fat burners also tend to have more side effects and these can include increased blood pressure & a rapid pulse. On this site we have recommended only the safest fat burners available on the market so please do check out our ‘Best Fat Burners’ page for more information on these. Fat Burners as mentioned above tend to be the more aggressive weight loss supplements so in many cases results can be seen quicker from these though it will vary person to person.

Fat Binders tend to have less side effects associated with them, however they can still cause stomach cramp and constipation in a minority of people. If you are still unsure which type of supplement would be best for you then we recommend taking a look through our product overviews on both Fat Burner and Fat Binder products and find a product that ticks the boxes in what you are looking for in a weight loss supplement.

With the recent addition of PhenQ you have a weight loss supplement that combines both fat burner and fat biding properties so this could well be worth a product researching. PhenQ is one of the latest products released on the market and the tendency for the modern supplements is to combine both fat burning and fat binding properties.