Interview With a PhenQ User!

PhenQ is one of the products featured on our site and is also one of the latest weight loss products to be launched, we decided to get some more insight into the product by asking a few questions to a real life user of PhenQ.

Angela Sole (47) from Surrey, England begun using PhenQ a couple of months ago, she kindly answered some questions we had for her in regards to the PhenQ product.

Q: So Angela, you have been using PhenQ for around 2 months now. Have you noticed any difference since taking PhenQ?

A: In one word yes! PhenQ has certainly helped in regards to helping me lose some weight. I have noticed that I don’t have as many cravings for snacks and other treats that I used to.

Q: How was the process of ordering PhenQ?

A: Very simple and fast. I ordered PhenQ from the official website where I actually saved quite a bit of money on my order. I was very happy with the whole ordering process.

Q: Have there been any issues or anything you have not been so sure about with PhenQ?

A: No, so far I have been very satisfied with PhenQ. I had some reservations before ordering, there seem to be so many products out there and it’s really hard which products are genuine and which are just scams but PhenQ has done exactly what it stated it would do so far.

Q: You mentioned the wealth of other products out there. What made you choose PhenQ?

A: I spent quite a bit of time looking into different weight loss supplements deciding which would be best for me. I came across various fat burners, fat binders and appetite suppressants however what really stood out with PhenQ was its claim to combine all of what these supplements can do in one pill, it was the most versatile product I came across online. The 60 day money back guarantee gave me the peace of mind before ordering.

Q: Lastly Angela, having used PhenQ for a couple of months now would you recommend it to your friends & family?

A: Absolutely! PhenQ has helped me lose weight, reduce my food cravings and even enhanced my mood. I feel great and that feeling gets better every day I look in the mirror.

Angela is one example of many happy PhenQ customers. If you want to find out more on the product then be sure to check our in-depth product overview here.

There is no doubting the potential for PhenQ to become on of the most established weight loss products on the market. There has been a huge buzz around the launch of this product and the early signs is that PhenQ is living up to its potential of being a great all-round weight loss supplement.