Phentermine VS Phen375 & PhenQ

Phentermine diet pills may have been something you have come across when looking for or buying weight loss supplements. However many are left unsure at what exactly Phentermine diet pills actually are and what the differences are between these and the non prescription alternatives such as Phen375 and PhenQ

Introduction to Phentermine


Phentermine 37.5mg first hit the market is 1959, it received approval from the FDA and was initially marketed as an appetite suppressant product. The product works by stimulating the nervous system which in turn causes the hypothalamus to produce neurotransmitters that signal to the body that it feels full. This will then reduce your appetite to eat food.

Phentermine then was seen as the ideal solution for those who struggled with diets due to feeling hungry and having strong temptations to stray away from their diet, if those urges could be stopped by Phentermine then they would have a much higher chance of being successful in their diet. However for those that eat even when they are not hungry i.e comfort eating then Phentermine is not nearly as effective.

Phentermine became very popular with dieters due to its success rates at helping people lose weight, however Phentermine unfortunately came with many reported side effects and it is for this reason that it has been removed from the market and is only available by prescription. These days to be prescribed Phentermine you have to have a BMI of over 30 (Classified as ‘Obese’) and have already made lifestyle changes but are struggling to lose weight with exercise and dieting


Phen375 & PhenQ – Phentermine Alternatives


When Phentermine became a prescription only weight loss diet pill there was still a huge demand for the product because of it’s success rate in helping people lose weight however most people could not obtain Phentermine.

This is where Phen375 and PhenQ come in. These weight loss supplements were created after extensive research in order to fill the gap in the market left by Phentermine being a prescription only weight loss pill. Phen375 hit the market back in 2009 and is without doubt one of the most successful diet pills and continue to sell exceptionally well. PhenQ is a new addition to the market but given the buzz around this product it has every chance of being even more successful.

Phen375 - Before & After











Phen375 and PhenQ give those looking to lose weight an effective weight loss supplement without the side effects of Phentermine and more importantly without the need for a prescription. Both products are available to buy online and we cover both of these products with in depth overviews on our best fat burners page which will give you all the information you need on these products. However we have included a short summary below of what each product does to determine which is better suited to your needs.



Phen375Phen375 was launched in 2009 after extensive research into developing a weight loss supplement that could serve as an alternative to Phentermine. Although Phentermine was very successful as a weight loss supplement, it had numerous side effects which meant it wasn’t a very safe option. Phen375 was developed to deliver the same effectiveness as Phentermine but without the side effects. It has grown to become one of the most successful weight loss supplements of all time and is one of our featured products on this site.

Phen375 carries the following benefits:

  • Acts as a fat burner allowing your body to burn fat quicker
  • Reduces your appetite and therefore cravings for foods that are harmful to your diet
  • Stimulates your metabolism to allow you to burn calories faster
  • Increases your energy levels giving your body the kick start it needs to lose weight naturally



PhenQ Weight Loss SupplementPhenQ is a fairly new product to the market that was developed after extensive scientific research. It aims to combine the power of several weight loss supplements into one pill which is what really sets it apart from other products in the market. Despite PhenQ being a fairly new product, it has been selling fantastically well since its launch and we gave PhenQ the title of the best fat burner. Given the success PhenQ has had already we fully expect it to become one of the most sought after weight loss supplements.


PhenQ can help you lose weight by:

  • Burning stored fat
  • Blocking the production of fat
  • Acting as an appetite suppresant
  • Improving your mood and energy level